How to make each other better people. The power of togetherness.

How often do you think about being a good person? Do you want to be a better human being? To have that happiness from within?

We all do. Who wouldn’t. Then why it seems to be such a mission to stay happy? We are good at feeling happy at times but staying happy is another matter. To better our quality of life means that we need to feel happy. Preferably forever and ever.

Did I mention the word happy already😜

I bet even this donkey get’s what it is to be happy. Eat, run free and be nice to others, in case of bullshit kick hard. And give zero fucks unless there is food involved. Okay.

Are we humans making things too difficult?

In the search of happiness.

So how do we get there? How do we get to become more happier?

In a world full of betrayal and mistrust in others, where we get hurt constantly by the words and opinions of others. Where your neighbour has their house full of better stuff than you and your colleagues always seem to go on better holidays than you. Dammit, they seem to have way more fun than you at any time.

At least you can spy that on their news feed staying up on those late nights. It’s down the rabbit hole once again.


Don’t go there. Instead focus all that energy on yourself. By making more things that make you feel good to be in your own skin is the secret ingredient of becoming a good person. First, love yourself.


Sustaining a happy mindset means taking control of your own thoughts. We get to decide where our internal conversation is going. It’s heading into more yes’ss and less no’s. And that’s what we want. More smiles, less grunts, less jealousy.

The key to happiness is that by turning you, you open the doors.

Happiness is accumulative.

We get more happier by making others around us feel good. Happiness is as contagious as ( I want to say malaria but somehow that would be inappropriate to the max ) laughter.

You know the feeling when you are the only one not laughing in a crowd, that most likely you’ll be left feeling as a outsider. That’s why it’s important to get the jokes, note to self.

Anyway, the way I see the path is to lessen the focus on the big circle ( the whole world ) and start focusing on the small. Just by focusing your energy on the people around you, you can create a more sustainable environment that gives you a better quality of life.

Living in the now.

Focusing on the people that you actually need to stand by your side is a good start to become more happy. You give good, you receive good. That’s a proven fact by life. The other thing is to choose your own mindset. Do you face the people from a place of fear or from a place of love, togetherness.

Start by giving them trust, a listening ear, maybe some non judgemental but brilliant advice here and there, but just remember do not always give advice, just listen. Remember to give them a call when they least expect it and make sure they know you are there just in case they need you.

I find that asking people questions and being interested in them goes a long way. Building something that lasts on interest is easy, way easier than just expecting people to come to you. You’ll die lonely before.

Adopt the attitude that it is you who has to do it. Not them. And never mind the thought that will pop up into your brain -why am I ALWAYS the one doing the effort or the handing out my hand?

Because that’s just the way it is. If we’d all be like that, the world would be better. But it isn’t so it’s up to us to change it. The change starts from within.

Together we are.

When we can make each other better I think we have accomplished something that makes us humans. There is nothing more rewarding or more giving than the feeling of belonging.

Getting support and trust from your community and loved ones is a human need. It is also instinct that we share with animals, working together increases our changes of survival. The feeling of belonging should not be understated.

” If you don’t belong, don’t be long. “

When we are able to share happiness and laughter we connect with each other stronger. When we are kind we are humankind. By doing that you create a safety net that when in times of sorrow you know the ones that will be there for you.

The secret of maintaining those relationships infor order them to be valid constantly is a whole another post.

Untill then, be kind take no bullshit.



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