When life is not a party but you wish it would be. Coping with loneliness and boredom.

We stayed in a beautiful art deco hotel in Auckland cbd a while back and I wish I could’ve stayed there forever. Do you ever get those feelings when staying in a hotel how easy it all would be?

Room service just a phone call away, cleaning crew coming in while you’re away and most importantly, to be able to sleep in the best fluffiest white sheeted beds ever. I am obsessed with hotel sheets.

This got me thinking what if I could live like this forever.

Childish, you might say. Who really thinks they can live in a hotel for the rest of their lives. Well, I do. Or at least I want to explore the thought. Not everything we think or want have to be so real all the time.

This train of thought might have something to do with the fact that I am teeny tiny bit bored currently. Between work and exercising, supermarkets and takeaway coffees my mind is craving some excitement. New views, new hubs and new sounds.

I don’t do boring well.

My fiancé is currently working in another country so him not being here does not help either. All though I am pretty used to and good at keeping myself busy, alone, got years of practice on that. I am definitely missing out on lot of things I used to have plenty. Like friends, sitting outside eating late dinners or just people watching in a cafe. All the stuff one has living in a hub of a city but not appreciating until gone.

Where we currently life, nothing much is happening in that sort. My life, like I said is between work and home. Plus it’s winter here which does dot help at all. But the positive thing is that I have started a new hobby! And I’m loving it. It’s the small things huh. And making a change when it is needed, instead of staying in a dull set of mind.

You are the master of your own being.

So I guess my point here would be to once again to spot those moments of frustration and turn them into creation. Keep on practicing appreciation and also learn more on how to handle loneliness. We are all having moments like these in our journeys in life. Do you agree?

Are you feeling bored and lonely at times and what do you do then? Let me know in the comments, would be lovely to hear others stories too.

Happy new week to you. Stay inspired babe⭐️


p.s find a link to this amaze hotel here: Hotel Grand Windsor

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