This week’s feels. Do you sing everyday?

Ohh boy,

I can’t believe how much good energy a movie can give! I have just literally walked out of the theater and can’t stop singing. So in love with this feeling. I wish everyday could be a Mamma Mia kinda day!

This made me think; Is there something missing in my life because I don’t feel happy all the time. Like a stage perhaps? Or do I need a colourful wardrope full of glittery platform shoes? A bit of Cher in my headphones maybe? Why can’t I be singing like this every day of my life?

When you don’t do boring well.

Do you ever wonder why everyday life become’s boring after a while? Why taking the same route to work or going to the same supermarket every week can make you dull.

I’ve always had a struggle with everyday life. I have had to teach myself to learn to accept and appreciate a calm state of life. Both mentally and physically. At heart I am a gypsy girl and always will be. But I must say a steady life does a person good. Being humble is a pretty damn beautiful thing.

To avoid boredom I am one of those people who will walk the other route just to avoid the same old scenery. Yes, that same person who will wear the clothes everyone says don’t. But I still get bored and frustrated at times.

Then what can I do?

Do you ever think how to cheer up your days, how to keep the flame burning? And how on earth we are supposed to be happy and fulfilled all the time?

And how many question mark’s is too many?

Dear Life, I have too many questions!!!!

I am a believer of change in life, change does good to a human. It is a creator and a catalyst of becoming.

I believe the secret lies in the little things. It is in the mentality of how we react to situations. How we teach ourselves to see things. How secure we have become. And how much joy we allow ourselves to derive from little things like a movie.



So to get back to the movie and why it struck me in it’s way. Is that what a beauty in life it is how people can spread good vibes around. And how strong collectively we can really feel.

Even though sometimes at the end of the day how hard it is to stay in that calm happy state of mind. We can appreciate and receive the happiness of someone else’s creation and spread it again forward. How cool is that!

I want to practice that. I want to stay there. I want to share that.

What do you think?

On that note babe, have a great evening or morning which ever it is where you at.



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