Lux it up. With the sun on my back and the coat on my shoulders.

Some winter wear inspiration coming your way babe💕

Blush and fur. Who does not like that combo.

When it’s cold it doesn’t mean there is nothing to wear, right?

So lux it up with fur.

I’ve had this coat from H&M for years, about six coming into seven now. It’s obviously not real fur, so it wont work in the coldest winter days but for New Zealand weather it suits just fine. Plus it looks fab.

I love wearing it with t-shirts at daytime. Just enough to bring the outfit to life.

The thing I love about winter here is that it’s not too cold but it’s still cold enough to be able to wear winter stuff. Sounds cool right?

To have the cake and eat it too.

I also love to wear my clothes for a long time. Fast fashion but only for a long period of time. The more you get wear out of your clothes the better. I tend to save my favourite pieces untill the edge of breaking down. After all respect in life reaches out to clothing too.

Therefore it is good to buy pieces that are timeless, like a fur coat. It will last forever in your wardrobe and the style doesn’t get dated.

Peachy culottes with sneakers. Street but chic.

A pair of round sunnies is always good to own. I find that they bring a hint of fun to the outfit.

If I could keep this sun on my back forever I would. I’d also keep those windowsill’s too.

That’s it folkks. Hope you got inspired and remember to have fun with what you wear😘✌🏽



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