Some thoughts of mine about self doubt and why be kind to yourself.

Hey there,

Anyone else sometimes having the same thoughts as I am? Just one of those days when you doubt and question yourself?

I believe in the importance of communicating kindly to yourself as the base of all success.

Don’t get me wrong doubt is a part of a creative process. It helps us assess our current situation and pushes us to make the best decisions in order to reach the end goal. I’t can be a great tool for self development. But there is a fine line between destructive and constructive.

People who push themselves forward and towards achievement are likely to have doubt and question their journey. This is us as humans.

I noticed that I was talking negatively to myself. So I needed a reality check.

The feeling of not being enough and not doing enough.

I beat myself up. I find myself questioning my use of time. The feeling of being useless, for not being efficient enough. Thinking I haven’t done enough. My life is standing still and not where It needs to be, where I want it to be. Also, why my time seems to fly out of the window all the time and I don’t seem to get anything done?

Even reading those terrible words written, they send chills down my spine. Because I know I have done heaps. I know what I have achieved so far and how hard I’ve worked to be who I am and where I am at the moment. Do I really talk like that to myself?

I also know the challenge is within the journey, nothing is being handed to you in this life. We have to work for things and make shit happen. Still, I am having one of those moments when nothing is good enough even though my days keep on flowing steadily and I feel happy.

So let’s take a moment and step back from these destructive thoughts.

I have to have a reality check of the expectations and demands I set up for myself. In order to reach my goals and to make my future plans come true I need to guide myself towards them, right? Positively I might add. Because life is men’t to be lived in the now, not in the future.

I want to achieve my set goals. I think we all want our dream life to come true.

Life is a process. To become is a process.

And another issue that I have is that I still don’t seem to have a full grasp on what it is that I actually want to do. What I want to become and what is my passion? I know I want to have a lifestyle of sustaining myself financially. I am innovating person and want to enjoy what I am doing for the rest of my life. And most importantly I’d love to be able to share all this with others around me. This sounds so good, doesn’t it! Dream life, here I come!

But then every now and again at some point I catch myself starting to beat myself up how useless I’ve been and how I haven’t got anything done. I have no money saved, my blog is still in it’s baby steps and I haven’t worked hard enough towards my goals.

The process goes like this.

I get an idea, a lot of ideas. Some days my mind is full of ideas! In the beginning of the creative process I feel excitement and get really motivated. All these great ideas and thoughts running in front of my eyes like a film. It’s going to be so cool!

When the reality bites.

I write things down. Derive inspiration from what other people have done. Learn about how they do things and make notes for myself. Then I forget those notes because I am not at school anymore and I don’t have a pack bag to keep and carry my studies with me. And I don’t have a teacher to tell me to open up the book on page 56 and create a presentation about a particular subject. Instead of that I have other stuff to do. I work six days a week, try to have time to exercise, write my blog, hang out with friends and take care of me.

Sounds familiar?

Be kind to yourself and keep on going.

Beating yourself up never does any good. On the contrary it can harm yourself in more ways than one. Talking negatively to yourself just brings you down and makes you forget your purpose. It makes you let go of your dreams because you feel you can’t reach them.

Now every time I catch myself talking to me like that I correct myself like my mother used to do, basically I become my mother. I remind myself of all the things I have overcome up and till now and where I have started from. How I’ve had a positive affect on other peoples lives. And how I have treated them kindly. Basically I remind me of all the love I have spread so far!

So what I have learned so far is to keep going back to those notes and keep stuff actually available in front of your eyes to keep reminding yourself of your dreams, plans and thoughts. Not to hide them but rather live with them. And maybe one day you actually realize things have started to move towards them. The shift has happened already in your mind.

            We need to believe in ourselves!

So you my dear have to do the same. Be kind to yourself. Because you are capable and fabulous human being and good things happen to those who dare and give good. And the first person in this planet you must do good is you.



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